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Causes of Burnout

Everyone is busy. So why do you feel like you can't keep up? 


Causes of Burnout

You may notice that the symptoms of feeling fatigued hit you after the period of stress is over. The classic example is teachers who get sick as soon as holidays start. The causes of burnout can be prolonged stress, even prolonged subconscious stress - some people don't necessarily feel stressed out, but their body's symptoms may tell them otherwise. Or it can simply be the perfect storm of events, including illness, that tips someone over the edge into burnout. I see burnout in people of all ages, from university students to retirement ages, and in all different professions. 


The truth is, everyone has a different foundation to be able to handle stress. Our genes and our environment can set us up to handle a lot, or it can cause us to crumble. The relative amount of stress doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if your friend went through a "bigger" ordeal than you and yet you feel the weight of it. 


Consider this example: the COMT gene has been very well studied as a gene that helps clear adrenaline from the system. So if something was to startle you or upset you, based on your genetics, you could feel lasting effects for a long time (like jitteriness, pounding heart, sweat), or you could go back to feeling fine quickly. People whose COMT enzymes work slowly to clear adrenaline tend to be more prone to anxiety, mood disorders, and anger management concerns. Knowing this means we're able to support the body in clearing adrenaline, which will level out the mood. 


I work to improve your body's ability to handle stress, and that includes working with your genes using the latest cutting edge research, and improving its environment through correcting nutritional deficiencies. 

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