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Dr Krause's Breakfast Smoothie

August 1, 2018


These key points are what make a smoothie supercharged, in order to keep you feeling full, keep your energy up, and balance your hormones: 


  1. I always like to include veggies to get an extra few servings in, and greens are a well-camouflaged (in taste, definitely not colour!) way to go. My trick is to use frozen spinach (those blocks you can get, that pack in a massive amount of spinach and are easy to keep on hand).

  2. I ALWAYS add in fat, and avocado is the best in smoothies: it makes things super creamy, but doesn't clump up in the fridge. Healthy fats will keep you full longer, while stabilizing blood sugar: which is important for so many health reasons including busting belly fat.

  3. Keep the fruit low - again to keep blood sugar balanced. My smoothies usually have a small amount of fruit, as much veg as I can get away with, and minimal sweetener. I use water as my base too - definitely skip the juice.

  4. Protein is key!! The difference that proper protein (and fat and fibre) make in a person's day is astounding. Protein is a vital building block for not only hormones and neurotransmitters (ie our moods) but also hair/skin/nails.

  5. I don't make these every day. I ALWAYS make a double serving, because then I'm set for 2 days in a row (they keep just fine in the fridge) and the cleanup is the same.


There you have it, a Naturopathic Doctor's smoothie secrets.


This recipe makes 2 big servings, perfect to get through the afternoon slump on two consecutive days:

- 2 peaches
- one block of frozen spinach (probably at least 4 handfuls if not more)
- approx 8 leaves of fresh basil 
- 2 scoops protein powder (I use a super-clean unflavoured whey)
- 1 avocado
- several inches of cucumber 
- 1-2 teaspoons of ground flax
- splash of maple syrup (or to taste) 
- dash of cinnamon (optional)
add water to your desired consistency and voila!


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